I use ywriter for my longer works, such as novels and short story collections. The format is easy to use and the ability to print reports, rearrange and write in distinct scenes are all things that keep me coming back to this software over the other free options I've found.

This is the one tool that saves me from the evils of procrastination. Set the punishment levels to high and a reasonable word goal, then write without stopping until you reach it. The online one is free; the desktop version will set you back $10.

Not only a community of talented and passionate writers, but a great way to get feedback and read up and coming writers, hone your editing skills, and enter contests.

Warning! Ultra-addicting! Great place for visual stimuli, keeping inspiration boards, getting ideas for characters, places and objects.

This writing prompt blog posts new ideas every Sunday.

The split screen view, dock to desktop, is so useful when researching. OneNote is my preferred software for blogging, writing articles and also poetry. The universal search feature is also super helpful.

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